Wednesday, September 28, 2011


OK, so up until now I have posted pretty negative rhetoric and I wanted to post something positive so one does not think that I am a chronic complainer. Truth be told, I am much more of a binge complainer and can be found most of the time purging myself of all negativity in the zen gardens of Tibet. So today I want to talk about kittens. I have often wondered about them and if you ask Nikki she would tell you that I have a general curiosity towards what I call "little baby kittens". Before you say, "but 'baby kittens' is a redundant statement" I implore you to consider to whom you are talking to. Like I said earlier, I know about as much about the things as I do about tribal flutes in Africa. I suppose that it may be more correct to call them kittens but I am still not abandoning "little". See, that's just descriptive. Clearly from the little I do know about these buggers there are small ones (little) and there are big ones. I digress, lets go back to what we were talking about; kittens. I often find myself asking these three questions: What are they? Why are they here? Where are they going? Why are they so incredibly likable? Yes, lets explore the last question. Have you ever just sat and pondered this question? Why are humans so less attracted to fully grown animals as opposed to babies? Before you say, "because they are cute", I will ask you to consider how non scientific this notion is and avoid circular logic. They are not cute because they are cute; that's stupid! Is it perhaps that they, like our young, are so helpless and dependant that our motherly hormones kick in and we become attracted to them so as to invest time in their care? Join us tomorrow for our follow up...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

more blah blah

Well, at this point I feel like I am just talking to no-one since no-one has subscribed to my blog. Nikki is online now though after I had to yell at her for not being a subscriber or supporter of her husbands school assignments. Meh, its more to just get points. After this class I will gladly delete all of these stupid rambling posts and maybe just do posts that are important or pertinent to my actual life. That being said I have 10 more minutes that I have to write so lets make these good! Lets talk about Anatomy. I am of course currently enrolled in an Anatomy class at BYU and for the most part it is pretty reasonably hard. The most challenging thing about this class is that none of the words are English. This makes sense because as most of you can note, medicine and anatomy is a global thing and even as ethnocentric as I sometimes am it would be nice to not make everyone learn English. So the words are Latin...or Greek with some terms. I wonder how it is learning these terms from a non Latin-based language such as Chinese or Russian? I guess things can always be worse. Anyway, yeah it is almost all memorization with a bit of function but mostly all just jargon you have to get into your cranium. Thus far I have memorized around 3 hundred terms and they are starting to become mixed up in my head so hopefully I can sort them out for the midterm. We started with the axial (axis part) of the skeleton and we have now moved through the appendicular skeleton and the upper body muscles which are super easy because most everyone and their mother knows the muscles of the upper body. That is, everyone that works out with their mothers. Anyway, I am basically just rambling now so I am going to go do something productive. Have a great one. :(

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Well, I added a class this semester that, to my utter dismay, required that each and every day for a whole hour I had to write. The requirement was that it had to be scholarly and I am going to try and be as good as I can and think critically about what to write in here for my one faithful follower. First I would like to thank that follower and assure her that I will no longer waste her time with lengthy and yet useless blogs about how my cat had kittens or how I saw my child do something cute/funny. No, I am going to really try and force you into critical thought and hopefully when you're done reading have something cool to tell your friends. Lets start with an easy and current topic: the United States healthcare system. Before we start let me just say that if there are any topics you just really don't care to read further please, by all means, close your eyes; you really don't to read. Just note, however, that I have found it extremely difficult to find the x button on my computer screen in the complete darkness afforded by tightly shut eyes.
I digress, ONWARD! So the healthcare system. The healthcare system; it is completely and utterly broken. It is my opinion, however, that although it may appear to be the governments fault I would have to say yes it is. Unlike most Americans though I would say its not because they have not been able to wrestle or regulate health insurance (which by the way is 800% inflated) but because they have sidestepped the real problem with Americans health. The real reason that America's system is broken is because it serves way too many masters. Americans cant seem to make up their minds. They want a system that is extremely focused on perfection and therefore almost impossible to get into then they want 4 doctors just to work on one case. Furthermore, they refuse to follow any of the 4 doctors orders as they are inconvenient. I want to not be able to exercise; eat all the GMO and crap food that I want; and for you to bend the rules of nature and keep me young forever.
It would be rude at this point to just complain without giving a possible alternative so here it is. STOP BEING LAZY!! exercise, eat right, be smart (use diagnostic tools to fix your runny nose like sleep) and for heavens sakes don't go in to the doctor unless you have been ailed for at least a week. I also think the government should help build more medical schools and tell the MDs to shove it when it comes to not wanting more doctors in order to keep themselves a rare breed of prestigious idiotic. We need more doctors...and just like Vanderbilt, Rockefeller and Morgan the doctors are trying to stomp out development and keep themselves the corner of the market. It really needs to stop. Make medical school about learning and not a beauty contest. Allow for those capable to succeed and not just people who know other people. Medicine is not all that hard it just takes hard work and dedication to learn the material. There's my two cents.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The starting of a new trend

So I watched a pretty cool movie last night called "The Happening." It has my main man Mark Wahlberg and a guy that kind of looks like Mark Anthony (the one married to JLo). Appearantly plants have the ability to kill us making us commit suicide. I dont know you would just have to watch it I guess. Dont take my word for it. So does anyone remember reading rainbow? That rad black guy would always say that: "but dont take my word for it." What a heart-throbber.